Open Knowledge Platform

The OPEN KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM is a online learning tool offering information and insights on the debate on the Future of Money and Finance. It will be developed step by step in parallel with the other didactic and research activities of the Chair.

The OPEN KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM is curated, edited and authored by Ph.D. Tiziano Bussani under the supervision of Chair leader Prof. Giulio Peroni. To contribute to the project, please send an email to

Part A – The climate and sustainability transformation of money and finance

  1. Sustainable Development within the International Legal System (download here)
  2. Aligning the international financial system to Sustainable Development
  3. ESG factors and Sustainable Finance instruments and practices
  4. Sustainable Finance policies and regulations in the EU
  5. Green Central Banking and the ECB’s climate agenda

Part B – The blockchain-based digitalization of money and finance

  1. Fundamentals of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies
  2. Digital monies, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins
  3. Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Digital Euro
  4. Decentralized Finance and Digital Finance
  5. Crypto-asset policies and regulation in the EU