Intense research activity will be carried out during the whole duration of the Chair on specific topics, including:

  • Sustainable Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Green Central Banking
  • Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Crypto-assets and Digital Finance

The outcomes of the research activity of the Chair will be presented and discussed with students and the general public during the annual cycles of seminars and workshops as well as on the occasion of the final conference that will take place early at the end of the academic year.

The outcomes of the research, including the scientific publications, will be evidenced in the Open Knowledge Platform.

FUTMOFIN Seminar Series 2023/2024

First Semester

  1. Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Digital Euro Project – 16th October 2023 – Ph.D. Tiziano Bussani
  2. From Bitcoin to Digital Wallets and more – 16th November 2023 – Prof. Stelvio Cimato
  3. Green Central Banking and the ECB’s Climate Policy – 23rd November 2023 – Ph.D. Tiziano Bussani
  4. The Single Resolution Board in the framework of the EU Banking Union: role, powers and competences – 27th November 2023 – Ph.D. Chiara Giussani, Single Resolution Board

Second Semester

  1. From Sustainable Development to Sustainable Finance: A Global Call for Action – 19th April 2024 – Ph.D. Tiziano Bussani
  2. Distributed Consensus and Decentralization: Technical Aspects and Challenges – 6th and 8th May 2024 – Prof. Stelvio Cimato
  3. Sustainable Finance: instruments, markets, regulations – 31th May 2024 – Ph.D. Tiziano Bussani

FUTMOFIN Conferences 2023/2024

First and Second Semester

Conferences and Roundtables 2023/2024:

  1. [ITA] Criptovalute: la rivoluzione monetaria e finanziaria che sta cambiando il mondo – 17th October 2023
  2. [ITA] Criptovalute e Eurodigitale. Verso una nuova moneta? – 28th November 2023
  3. [ITA] La sostenibilità attraverso gli investimenti stranieri – 22nd May 2024

FUTMOFIN Publications

Tiziano Bussani, Le CBDC alla luce della transizione climatica e dello Sviluppo sostenibile: modello “estrattivo” vs. modello “rigenerativo”, in Il Diritto Bancario, Supplemento Ottobre/Dicembre 2023, pp. 261-311 (link here)